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    • CommentAuthorDSquared
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2017
    Hey Now !
    Just throwing this out there.
    I just started taking guitar lessons about 6 months ago. I'm ready to start JAMMMM' some easier YARN tunes! Can anybody help me with a couple of the chord progressions?
    I would love to know the chords in ; Strikes & Gutters , Roudhouse , Bring Me Down & Blue Skies,...Roses . Or any songs you might know that a beginner like me could try.
    I don't know if Blake or Rod get to see these messages, but if they do, THANKS !! For making GREAT MUSIC!!
    I do not play guitar personally.

    On the Yarn music page: https://yarnmusic.net/music here

    If you click on Lyrics, some of the songs have the chord progressions on them. For instance, Down On Your Luck has the chords on it:

    • CommentAuthorDSquared
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2017
    Excellent ! I really appreciate it .