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    It's Blake here, from Yarn. Thanks again for all the support. We have an important show coming up in NYC and we need your help in spreading the word to get as many folks as possible out to the gig. The details for the show are below. Spread the WORD!

    Yarn Live at Canal Room
    285 West Broadway @ Canal St.
    New York, NY
    Friday, June 19th, 2009
    Doors open at 7:30pm
    Show starts at 8pm

    It's early, so be on time or you'll miss it.
    Oh man, the date conflicts with my student's graduation so I won't be able to make it. At least a couple of folks from here are going though and I do have a couple of NYC friends that I can alert~
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    I will most definitely be at the show. If the weather was not so yucky out I would be so tempted to hand out flayers in the Jones Beach parking lot at tonight’s Phish show. Regardless I will do my part to help spread the word.

    I sent out a mass email to every one in my contacts.
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    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2009
    blake-you know ill be there and try to round up the usual suspects. you want me to print out some of those flyers? if so email me with all of your up coming dates, and ill see what i can do.
    i'd love to make it to this. living in constant limbo at the moment, we'll see.

    could someone send me or post a link to a letter size poster that i could print? i'd be willing to put up a couple
    of posters in my area.
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    I have some great news. I just received the following email response back from my friend Lynn who is a radio DJ in NJ. If the band is up to it I can talk to her and set it up.

    Do you think the guys would like to do a phone interview with me to promote the gig on my radio show? I could tape it this Saturday anytime between noon and three PM EST and air it during my show later that day. I'd be happy to do it - we played a lot of their CD and I like them - if they're up for it, I am too!

    ETA: Check out the following links to listen to Yarn on the Carnival of Song Radio Show hosted by my friend Lynn Crystal. Yarn will be on sometime this Saturday afternoon 6/6. http://www.myspace.com/carnivalofsong http://alpha.fdu.edu/wfdu/wfdufm/carnival.html
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    so who is rolling to this show?
    Oh man, I'm out 'cause I have a graduation to attend but hopefully, my buddy Jack with take tangled to the show and tape it for us~
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    I am game. I will be there along with my friends Laurel & Lisa AKA LBSUNFLWR. I think Lisa is bringing a friend as well. Also my friends Lynn (The radio DJ) and Jon might make an appearance but have not officially confirmed.

    That's sucks that you can't make it. I was so looking forward to meeting you. I guess there plenty of more shows down the road for us to meet up.
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    im will be cruising over after work (and a few beverages).getting amped.
    Yeah, I sure wish this one was the night before or the night after but after spending 4 years with my students, I just can't miss seeing them off. Even for a Yarn show! ;)

    You guys have fun for me and we'll catch up before too long~
    i'll be in the city during the day before the show, my cousin from new mexico is here and he's never been to nyc, can't wait to show him some stuff ;)
    thanks to my 'restless' companion, i'll be able to be there and will be recording the show.
    . . . with a little help from my friends . . .
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    I will make sure and say hello to all of you. BTW My friend Laurel who will be at the show is also from new mexico. she just moved to NYC about a year ago.
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    tomorrow is the day. get your drinking hats on.
    My buddy Jack and wife tangled will be there with a microphone stand. Given that not too many folks tape Yarn, that should narrow it down quite a bit so be sure to say hello you two. I'm guessing Shane will be there too.

    Beyond graduation here at my high school, we suffered a horrible tragedy this week. On the last day of classes, this Tuesday, a group of young fellows decided to swim in the raging Housatonic river. Two of them got swept up near the falls and a third, while trying to help his buddies, went under and hasn't been found. The search is now a recovery as he's certainly dead at this point. Just finished his freshman year. A real sweet and bright young man.

    ....I'd surely prefer to be going to a Yarn show tomorrow :(
    Hope Jack and tangled have fun.

    Reckless was that in Falls Village? Heard about it from sis in law-sounds very sad. So young.Students of yours?
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    great show. had fun. good times.
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    The opening act surprised me and was pretty solid. I never thought Texans were capable of getting Funky. Now onto Yarn. After the Hill Country show I said nothing is going to top this well I was completely wrong. Like a fine wine Yarn just keeps getting better with each show. The place was packed and everyone was dancing up a storm. The jams were absolutely smokin. Don't Break My Heart Again, Music’s only outlaw & Cat & Mouse. I loved the No future together sing along and Shane’s rockin I wanna be Neil Young. He should go on So you think you can dance. lol The new songs are really good. I can't wait to get my hand on the new album. Some bands are all about the front man or the lead guitar player however Yarn is about the whole band. Each member brings something different to the table but when they all come together as one on stage it makes for a mind blowing evening of great music. Aside from having the whole band on stage they even brought a guy out to play the Flute on a song. It’s pretty cool. The Drum solo in Don't Break My Heart Again was as good as or better then any Grateful Dead drum solo I have ever seen or heard. Music’s only outlaw took off into the stratosphere. The jam was insane. Just when you thought it was going to end the band kicked it up a notch. Cat & Mouse is always a fun closing number. I love how everyone gets a solo in the band introductions. During Andrews solo in Cat & Mouse he started to tease Voo Doo Child. As the band was jamming I could hear that signature riff coming out of Andrew’s electric mandolin. The whole place got fucked up last night. Blake broke a guitar string from jamming so hard. After C&M Blake said hit it boys and they did there little ending. Then when the crowed begged for one more song they played one more. Then Blake said hit it boys and they looked at him with this look on there faces that said (Hello we already did that) lol. Blake asked the audience where we were going after the show to continue the party. Someone said NJ. And other people said other places. Since the band could not make up there mind I bolted? I had to get home. I did manage chat with Blake after the show. I can’t wait to do it again real soon. In the meantime I will have to settle for downloading the show. God bless the tapers.

    P.S. my apologies to everyone from the boards I did not say hello to.
    Great review Eric. Jack's tape came out pretty solid.....could have used a crisper high end but it can be EQed to sound great. Give us just a bit to get it up somewhere.

    "Reckless was that in Falls Village? Heard about it from sis in law-sounds very sad. So young.Students of yours? "

    Yeah, pretty horrible....esp since there's still no closure and the river continues to rage. I had Kaelan in class this year and he was on my roster for the fall :(
    Thanks for the review Eric! Sounds like a great night! Cant wait for some new live stuff.. i'm hanging out here :)

    Sorry to hear about the incident so close to home Reckless, not nice..
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    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2009
    Anytime guys. It was a fun time. I so need another Yarn show. lol

    Any word on Jack's tape? I would love to relive this show all over again.
    Yes, I have a copy sitting on my desk here. We'll try to get it up soon or I'll mail it out~
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    Sweet Deal. No rush.