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    Looks like a few of us are going to try to make it down to Beacon, NY for this Thursday's early show. Kind of cool that we can catch Yarn and make work the next day no problem. Ha Ha, rock n roll for old folks!

    Who else is in?
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    I'm in with the jr.

    the old folks LOVE the early show. ;)
    Awesomeness. I'm wondering if Jakes would like to go. He's quite the guitar player himself these days you know and he likes Yarn....Drive-By Truckers not so much! ;)

    That'll be cool, haven't seen you in ages~
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    I look forward to seeing you both....I miss you. It's been much too long. Yarn should be fine for Jake. I've heard about his guitar playing!!

    Truckers is NO place for children....adult or otherwise.
    This made me laugh--Lovelight I applaude you for making it to showtime in VT!
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2009
    I'm out. Car problems....the engine light is on and they can't take my car in until tomorrow.

    So is life.
    well that didn't work out for anybody ms. lovelight.
    next time . . .

    i saw a bit of the awesome video coverage of this show last night. thanks for making me smile blake !
    it sounded great and looked like fun, being outside on a beautiful evening to listen is very cool.
    each time i've seen yarn, it's been a different band arrangement and each time has been really good,
    different but with a very distinct thread (yarnjoke)

    very versatile and talented group you all are.
    i can't say that i don't miss trevor up there with ya'll !!

    be well everybody
    tangled up love out ~
    I'm working on getting this show up for a download but I need to get a setlist worked out. Blake, Shane, someone, do I have these titles correct that have a question mark?

    NYC Found
    Alone On The Weekend
    An Angel In Woodstock
    Empty Pockets
    Lies I've Told
    Bad Bad Man
    Bring Me Down ?
    Don't Break My Heart Again
    Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)
    25 Years
    Woman On The Interstate
    5 Guitars
    These Bars Don't Seem Too Friendly
    I Gotta Go ?
    No Future Together
    When You're Down On Your Luck
    Cat & Mouse
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2009
    I hope this helps you out.

    Bring Me Down is correct. It's a new song.

    I am not sure about I Gotta Go. It sounds right and I can sing it in my head but I am not 100% sure.

    Man, I have totally grooved on These Bars Don't Look Too Friendly. Sure hope that one makes the new album...what an amazing song~

    Again, looking to get this DVD up too but remember, I'll mail copies to anyone who needs them, just shoot me an addy.