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    The boys are in Key West this Wednesday and Thursday. Just your yearly reminder that the Green Parrot has a live webcam that you can use to stream their shows.


    The default is the bar webcam so you have to scroll to the stage webcam.

    According to the calendar there are three sets both days: 5:30, 9, and 11.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2017
    Thanks for the reminder. Always a good time.
    Does anyone know if theres software that will record the live feed? Last year was an epic set list and don't want to miss it.
    Asked this question earlier this year:

    earlbny Jan 19th 2017 edited
    Free screen to video, Audials might be able to do the Job. Those are a couple that I found. I've used both programs and was able to record video.
    I'm gonig to try using a program called Web Audio Recorder. no guarantees since I'm trying it live for the first time
    • CommentAuthorjgoods21
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2017
    5;30 set kicking and awesome!
    • CommentAuthorjgoods21
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2017
    Blake just said total of 6 sets in two days there and NO repeats! God damn! Just did and epic Cant slow Down, Rod killed Christopher St. solo as usual and impressive as always, great Girl on the side, and now Cant always get what you want cover.... Set one is damn strong.
    • CommentAuthorjgoods21
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2017
    MOO - Blake breaks sttring - Rod improv jam while he re-strings - into Walk on the Wild side - back into MOO outro.... on fucking fire in Key West the boys are....
    530 show 11/8

    1. ain't that a sin
    2. Empty pockets
    3. 5 Guitars
    4. Roadhouse
    5. Lies Ive Told
    6. Christopher Street
    7. Girl on the Side
    8. Can't Slow Down
    9. You Can't Always Get what You Want
    10. More
    11. Music's Only Outlaw>Take a Walk On the Wild Side>Music's Only Outlaw
    12. This is the Year
    13. Sioux City Gypsy

    In theory I have a recording starting around song 3. Have to see how that turns out. For reasons unknown to me, I periodically had the webcam stop and had to hit play again, so a number of ~10 second dropouts.
    Second set

    Annie opener!
    9:00 set

    1. Annie
    2. Alone on the Weekend
    3. NYC Found
    4. It Took a Long Time
    5. Shake This Thing
    6. Tennessee
    7. Honkey Tonk Woman
    8. No Future Together
    9. Good Hearted Woman
    10. Luckenbach, Texas
    11. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
    12. 25 Years
    13. I Wanted To Get High
    14. Down On Your Luck
    15. I Gotta Go
    I'm not gonna make it for the third set tonight, have to work in the morning. I might make all three sets tomorrow night, as I have Veteran's Day off on Friday. If somebody gets the setlist for the 11 set, that would be great. Good shows.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2017 edited
    I have no idea how they do it. They played 3 sets and did not repeat a single song. The only other band I can think of that can pull that off is Phish. I had some drop outs as well.

    11:00 Start

    Listen Up Sweetheart
    Strikes and Gutters
    You Got Lucky
    Turn The Lights Off
    Purple Rain
    Get Me Off This Train Ain't Going Home???
    Woman On The Interstate
    Late In The Evening
    Slip Slidin Away
    Take Me Out
    Wishing Well
    Turn On Your Lovelight

    End of Show 12:30
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2017 edited
    Wow, you folks are really on top of things, and I am impressed, but not surprised. I will kick back tonight and leave it up to you all. It was (and I know I don't have to say this) a very good night. The 9:00 set was smokin'.there was a very good crowd for the 5:30 set and they got into it, a lot of dancing. This is one tough gig for these gentlemen and they were "fried" at the end of the night. They will be out there again and kicking some Key West ass in the process. 8 freaking hours of Yarn in 2 days. Is that why they call this place paradise? Paradise and Yarn heaven. Thank you earlbny, Southerman, and jgoods21 for being awesome. Hope to see you all soon. Peace
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2017
    If any of you fine folks has a set list from Thursday's show please post. If not, you all missed an awesome night. of music, and it also means I'm in deep shit. Hope to see some of you folks real soon, Have a great weekend