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    So, Blake announced at the end of the set on Saturday that Yarn would be back at the Broadberry on 12/30. Tickets were not on sale yet or I would have bought them prior to leaving the venue.

    Been wondering where New Year's Eve would be. This is New Year's Eve-Eve, but no reason I couldn't see them this night and New Year's Eve.
    I like the way you think SouthernMan- 2 nights of Yarn to end 2017 sounds good to me. The best New Years Eve celebration I had in quite some years was with Yarn in Martinsville.
    Now the big question is WHERE will Yarn play for New Years Eve this year.
    So now we know 12/31. They are at the Purple Fiddle on 12/28. Don't think I've seen a venue for 12/29...
    Anybody else in for Saturday in Richmond??
    • CommentAuthorgrayp
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2017
    I"m thinking about driving down. We'll see how the day goes with cleaning things out before the new year but hopefully my wife will give me a pass :)
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