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    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2017
    2 here
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2017
    If you are within a few hours drive of Beacon (Newburgh) area PLEASE consider making the drive. You know that you will see a great show, good people, and it really helps out our friends in the band. It is kind of difficult to grab a Friday (and especially Saturday) night gig at the Towne Crier so a rousing show of support is always much appreciated. Thank you all for considering this, hope to see many of you on Friday.
    Where is Beacon in relation to NYC? I have friends clustered around NYC and Northern Jersey that I can encourage, but it is too far for me.
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2017
    Hey SouthernMan, hope all is well. Beacon is about an hour and change (60 miles or so) from the City. Depending on where someone is in NJ about the same, again depends on location. Plenty of free parking at the venue. Train service is available to Beacon on a regular basis. Uber, taxi's etc. are available as well as numerous lodging options. Thanks for spreading the word.
    I've been trying to get my NY/NJ friends to turn out for Yarn for quite a while, maybe I can convince them this time...

    Everybody I have ever convinced to go to a Yarn show has had a fabulous time and loved them, but I seem to have a hard time convincing them in large numbers.
    I say it all the time but unpredictability is important in a band you see a lot. On the ride down to Beacon, if me and tangled got into a discussion about what the band would open with, we would have never guessed~

    My Sweet Dolly
    Austin Tx 1972
    Strikes & Gutters
    25 Years
    Love Hate
    Hard Times
    Now You're Gone
    Music's Only Outlaw*
    Too Young
    I'm The Man
    I Gotta Go
    Lies I've Told*
    Don't Break My Heart Again*
    Take Me First
    Sioux City Gypsy*
    Fussin' & Fighting*
    Turn The Light Off*

    On The Road*

    * With Jeremy Wall

    Bobby's in France for his parent's 50th anniversary and so Keith Robinson from Dallas Texas sat in on drums. Wow...one day of practice with the band and he was seamless and smooth. Just an incredible job by Keith.

    Sadly, my recorder broke and I waited till that afternoon to borrow one from my school's AV guy and I discovered that he had left for the day....no tapers ;(

    Great show and setlist...2hrs 20min. Blake says he's digging deep into the catalog!
    That looks like a great setlist. I've enjoyed the video of Music's Only Outlaw on the book of faces.
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017
    It is to bad (as always) there is no recording of this show, it was a good one (duh). I totally agree with Reckless about how smooth and seamless it was. One rehearsal and Keith did the rest. It was fun to focus on him a number of times, especially on those drum heavy tunes. He counted every beat and when it was time for him to enter he was spot on. Also fun watching Blake doing the count. One of our favorite things is to be able to do merch for our friends and talk to so many folks. Last night was no different, a number of "newbies" came up and raved about how good the band was. The Towne Crier is a very formidable venue and brings in top notch entertainment on a regular basis. Hot Tuna to David Bromberg to Iris Dement, John Hammond and of course Yarn. One gentleman who was a local and a regular of the Crier and has seen many shows there went on and on about them. In the end his bottom line was Yarn was perhaps the best show he had EVER seen there, and then promptly bought 4 CD's. Just like seeing Yarn, you just never get tired of hearing the praise people offer. Brings both of us great joy and happiness. The folks who frequent this page hear the same thing all the time from people at shows. I am sure you feel the same way also, when you do. I LOVE YARN.
    • CommentAuthorDSquared
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017
    WHAT A SHOW !!!
    Last night was one of those nights, just GRATEFUL to be ALIVE !!! Starting with Dolly and soaring up from there!!! They were on FIRE !!!
    What a fill-in drummer, Keith (KEEF!) too funny! Was right on time , every time!!! I can't believe he had one rehearsal, AMAZING !!!
    It was our 2nd time seeing them @ the Towne Crier and both with Jeremy. What a perfect complement to their music. Lies I've Told w/Jeremy, was perfection !!

    One last thing , the mix last night was clean and spot on!! Great job by their engineer!

    If anyone lives within 50 miles of Fairfield CT, the upcoming show in November @ FTC is a MUST see Venue!

    Thank you again YARN !!!