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    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2017 edited
    Finally had a Yarn gig in CT and they brought it!

    Outdoor venue on the shore. They have bands here once a week. Decent size stage, great sound, awful lighting and a crowd used to hearing ... um, mellower tunes to sip Chardonnay and eat brie by.

    Not tonight sailors!

    First set:
    Hard Times
    Alone on the Weekend
    NYC Found
    Heaven In You
    Down on Your Luck
    This Whole Zoo
    This is The Year
    25 Years
    Let You Down
    Take This Time
    Sioux City Gypsy

    Second set:
    Final Bow
    Listen Up Sweetheart
    On The Road
    Wishing Well
    A Better Way
    Two Wild Hearts
    Don't Break My Heart Again
    Girl on the Side
    Bobby Weeks

    Can't Slow Down

    Recording up soon.
    ...a truly awesome set list!

    These shows couldn't have come at a worse time. I had septoplasty surgery on my nose last week with fucking stints in my nostrils until yesterday and all while the school year is beginning on Monday and I've been straight out.

    I will make it to New London tonight for Cap't Scotts come hell or high water!
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2017
    Reckless, tous, look forward to seeing you both this evening. It's been far to long. This list rivals the show on Caffe Lena on Thursday. A great capsule of the Yarn discography.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2017
    Awesome setlist. That Setlist is totally different from what I saw at American beauty last week. Another reason why this is the best man on the planet.
    • CommentAuthorDSquared
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2017
    Great show last night!
    I almost pulled my truck down and put the lights on so we could see the band!
    Great set! Maybe tonight some more Leftovers!
    Lobster shack or Bust!
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2017
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2017
    #10 Take This Time (don't know if that will be the official title, but it's the working title). Great seeing you guys.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2017
    This show minus the new songs seems like a show from years ago. So many old favorites. Love it.
    without going and checking, I'm not sure I've seen a Yodelay in a while.
    and this sounds great, Thanks for taping!