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    An early show, so I am taking a little time off of work to go down and see them in Newport News.

    I am really tempted to make this a run, as the 19th in Newport News, the 20th in Ocracoke, NC on the outer banks, the 21st at the Visulite in Charlotte and then returning to the Southern on the 22nd. Unfortunately I don't think my work and my wife's work (and the dog care we need to provide) is going to allow me to actually do that, but boy is it tempting.
    Tremendous evening at Tradition Brewing Company a couple of nights ago. High energy, a good mix of familiar Yarn fans, but I also talked to quite a few who were obtaining their first exposure to the band.

    I had a repeat on my setlist on both 17 and 18. So I may have written it down twice or something, not sure. I can only say I had at least one beer too many by that point in the evening, so sorry I can't do better with that one.

    Tradition Brewing Company
    Newport News, VA

    Set I.

    1. Ain't That a Sin
    2. This Is The Year
    3. Moonlight
    4. Dear Mama, I'm So Sorry
    5. Hard Times
    6. Empty Pockets
    7. Down On Your Luck
    8. Lies I've Told
    9. Christopher Street
    10. No Future Together
    11. Now You're Gone
    12. Music's Only Outlaw
    13. All Night Long*

    Set II

    14. Heaven In You
    15. Long Way to Texas
    16. 25 Years
    17. Take Me Out
    ????--May have missed one here?
    18. Abilene
    19. Roadhouse
    20. Time Burns On
    21. Fussin' and Fightin'
    22. Sioux City Gypsy
    23. Loving Cup^

    24. Take Me First#
    25. I'm The Man

    *Lionel Ritchie Cover
    ^Rolling Stones cover
    # Blake and Rod