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    • CommentAuthorDSquared
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2017
    Who's heading down to JAMMMM @ The Crawfish Festival this weekend?
    We're heading down with about 16 of us in THE PARTY BUS ! Bringing the teenagers to their 1st Yarn Show! Gonna be AMAZING! Personally, I don't think that an 1:30 is enough time for Yarn. But, I'm not running the festival. My 12 yr old son Colin, is a big fan. His favorite song is Bobby Weeks ! Hopefully they play it . I'm pretty sure he knows every song of theirs. I'm bringing him up on Real Music, not that garbage out there!
    Last time I saw them was @ the Towne Crier , Great show, a lot of fun!
    I love the passion of Yarn fans! Reminds me of the Dead fans of the 80's! "Who has the tape of the show" ? I'll trade you Buffalo for DC , Good Times !! Now we Tapers who can put it out on Archive for us all to ENJOY! Thank you guys !! If Hoppedup sees this , thanks for all the AMAZING music you recorded @ The Rooster Walk. AWESOME!!
    Maybe we'll meet up at a show and talk shop.
    Sorry for the long message
    Peace, D2
    Hey D2, sorry I missed this post somehow. Woulda been cool to meet you at Crawfish Fest. Next time...
    • CommentAuthorDSquared
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2017
    Evening DJ,
    That was a great day ! The mix was a little questionable , but they still JAMMMED!!
    I'll be heading down to the show @ American Beauty next month. Sounds like a cool place for a show.. YARN & FREE PIZZA !! I'm in !! Maybe we'll meet up then.
    Thanks for reaching out.
    Peace, D2