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    Hello All,

    We will be journeying to Winchester to see this show.

    Pretty sure that this is both a new venue and a new city for Yarn. I have been to a couple of shows at the venue and it is a bit small, but a nice place for a show. I hope they have a good size crowd.

    Any one joining us?
    Get Up! I'll report back with a setlist...
    made it out last night still recovering from Rooster Walk. Here's a soundcloud stream until the archive upload https://soundcloud.com/taperjeff/yarn-2017-06-02
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    Great show. Very interesting setlist. Small but enthusiastic crowd with quite a few familiar faces.

    They played some songs I have not heard played in a long time (Madeleine!) and also at least three songs that I have never heard them play live before. I struggled with this setlist more than I can remember struggling with one so I don't think I got all the names right. I needed some help on the setlist but here it is:

    1. Road Less Traveled
    2. Bring Me Down
    3. Can't Slow Down
    4. Empty Pockets
    5. This is the Year
    6. Turn the Light Off
    7. No Future Together
    8. Now You're Gone
    9. Roadhouse
    10. Take Me Out
    11. American Dream Dying
    12. These Words Along
    13. Carolina Heart
    14. Long Way to Texas
    15. Fussin' and Fightin'
    16. Madeleine
    17. Listen Up Sweetheart
    18. Annie
    19. 25 Years
    20. Hurricane
    21. Abilene
    22. Sweet Virginia
    So, just for fun this morning, I am looking up some of these songs.

    As always, not all Yarn shows get taped, but these reflect the last time I can find that these songs have been played:

    Bring Me Down--First time played since 3/1/13

    Madeline--played twice in 2016--1/1/ and 2/2/16.

    Listen Up Sweetheart--also played twice in 2016. 1/1/ and 10/22.
    nice collection of old and new material. I hope this new spot becomes a frequently visited place for us Northern VA folks.