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    Yes- you read it right- Yarn will get stoned from 8-10pm on Sunday at Rooster Walk 9 ! They will be doing a special Rolling Stones Tribute featuring Josh Shilling. Plus you can see Yarn that day from 3:30-5:00- so 2 shows in one day.

    Ken and Brenda- I know you just like to go to one festival a year but you might consider going for just Sunday instead of the 3/4 days. They offer separate pricing for single day admission so you would not have to go the entire time if time is an issue for you. You can camp there too for an extra $10.

    I don't personally care for the set up of Rooster Walk with the separationg of VIP and GA ticket holders. It really feels like a class system here because the separation is enormous both in physical location and extra priviledges paid for by VIP. I was sooooo spoiled by BarnBash and I love Red Wing Roots which neither have VIP- everyone is treated the same. I know if you are willing and able to pay more the VIP is an option but it does create a class system which I do not like or support. Thats just me- I'm sure there are a lot of people who can debate the pros and cons of VIP ticketing but not me- I just don't like it. Having said my 2 cents worth- Rooster Walk has a lovely location set amidst tall pine trees which are beautiful at night all lit up and a picturesque small pond/lake behind one of the stages. They have a nice set up area for children to play at and parents can still hear the bands pretty well.

    I will definitely be there on Sunday Memorial Day weekend to enjoy 2 great YARN sets.
    That sounds great. Alas, I shall have to rely on Hopped or Pockets to tape the show, as we are going to be in Asheville all weekend.
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    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2017
    This is going to be epic. I guess it's safe to say Shine A Light will be making it's long overdue return.
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2017
    The plan is for every set of every band at Rooster Walk to be taped. Between empty pockets and I, we could cover every stage but I think there are other tapers as well. I plan to tape all Yarn sets, audio and video.

    We got a Shine A Light and Sweet Virginia one night at CVBC: https://archive.org/details/yarn2011-03-19.CA-14.flac16
    Just bought my Tix!!!

    ((((((Moonlight Mile))))))) ~ humble request...