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    I know this will require some thought, as a follow up to the "How Did You First Discover Yarn" discussion. Up to this point in time what is the best and or favorite Yarn show you have experienced? What made it so? Is there really just one? For purposes of discussion the answer of "I haven't seen it yet" is not in play.

    I think the best show I have seen was https://archive.org/details/yarn2016-12-03.mtx.flac16 It seems almost ridiculous to say they were off the charts on this night but , they were. The band was in a great mood, the crowd was energized and musically it was a special night.

    My favorite (I think) They came out this night and from Annie until Strikes they did not stop https://archive.org/details/Yarn2015-05-28.matrix.CK63.SBD.flac16 (don't know why Strikes and Hank did not make the cut). It was just a kick ass set and the crowd was awesome, singing and dancing to every tune.

    As a side note the two most impressive shows (because of the circumstances) were the first shows after Andrew left the band. They never missed a beat, pure professionalism and musicianship.


    Have fun, look forward to your responses. Drunken Angel and Ricky B, would love your input.
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    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2017
    Hands down for me (although the 9.11 main pub show from 2009 is also just incredible).

    This 12.11.09 show was all acoustic. The original drummer left days before and they played anyway with Ricky B. holding it down in some amazing fashion. The setlist, the covers, the sound, the crowd all came together perfectly that night.

    **Acoustic Show**
    d1t01 - Empty Pockets
    d1t02 - You Don't Love Me Anymore
    d1t03 - Lies I've Told
    d1t04 - Alone On The Weekend
    d1t05 - New York City Found
    d1t06 - It's Too Late
    d1t07 - Christopher Street
    d1t08 - Music's Only Outlaw
    d1t09 - Strikes & Gutters
    d1t10 - Goin' UpThe Country
    d1t11 - One Of These Days
    d1t12 - Dark Hollow
    d1t13 - Can't Slow Down

    d2t01 - Tuning
    d2t02 - Listen Up Sweetheart
    d2t03 - Roadhouse
    d2t04 - Angel In Woodstock
    d2t05 - Woman On The Interstate
    d2t06 - I Feel So Low
    d2t07 - Five Guitars
    d2t08 - Bad Bad Man
    d2t09 - Abeline
    d3t01 - Don't Break My Heart Again
    d3t02 - Pale Blue Eyes
    d3t03 - Cat & Mouse
    d3t04 - Oh My Sweet Carolina

    9.11.09 - (the 'Dont worry about me' on this show was especially outstanding)
    d1t01 - Bad Bad Man
    d1t02 - Alone On The Weekend
    d1t03 - Empty Pockets
    d1t04 - Five Guitars
    d1t05 - Strikes & Gutters
    d1t06 - Wanted To Get High
    d1t07 - Woman On The Interstate
    d1t08 - Down On Your Luck
    d1t09 - This Whole Zoo
    d1t10 - Don't break My Heart Again
    d1t11 - tip O' the jug
    d1t12 - No Future Together

    d2t01 - Standin'
    d2t02 - Abeline
    d2t03 - New York City Found
    d2t04 - Don't Worry 'Bout Me
    d2t05 - Schenectady
    d3t01 - Music's Only Outlaw
    d3t02 - Lies I've Told
    d3t03 - Cat & Mouse
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    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2017
    My favorite show is from 8-20-2010. I cut and pasted my old review below. It's a shame this show never got recorded. Theo/Yarn played a 4hr show. During the Abilene jam Blake jumped off the stage and ran next door to get a drink. He returned and the band was still going. He jumped back on stage and never missed a beat. It was epic. Another one of my favorite shows that never got recorded was 7-8-11. This show has the best version of DBMHA you will ever hear. The jam went in a totally different direction. They took you to some tropical island. Yarn's original drummer filled in for Bobby.
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    After making the long trek from Long Island to Redhook Brooklyn I decided I will never see this band again. I feel this way because there is no way this band will ever top this show. They were on fire and in the zone the whole night. Not only was it the best Yarn show I have ever seen but it may have even been the best show I have seen by anyone.

    The venue is located in Redhook Brooklyn overlooking the BQE Expressway. It's in the middle of nowhere. When you walk into the place you are transported back in time to the days when old time Country music ruled. The place had all sorts of cool instruments on the wall. Some of them were just for show and other were for jamming. One of them was made out of a turtle shell like out of the Flinstones. They only served Beer so Blake had to go next store to get the good stuff. The Jalopy had 2 rows of old wood benches that looked like they came from a church. They also had some old wood chairs that looked like they came from a school and then they had a small open dance floor and the stage. The sound was superb. The band never sounded better. Unfortunately other then some friends of the band and wives it was practically a privet gig just for me. At one point I closed my eyes and the band was playing a sold out gig at MSG and everyone was wearing a Yarn shirt and dancing. Enough Rambling time for my setlist. FYI I had a little trouble with Theo's songs because a lot of them were new 1st time played. This show had a few 1st time played song.

    2010-08-20-Jalopy Theatre & School of Music, Brooklyn, NY

    The Lineup:

    Blake - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Trev - Acoustic Guitars, vocals
    Andrew - Electric Mandolin, Acoustic Mandolin
    Rod - Electric Guitar, Dorbo
    Ricky B - Bass
    Bobby -Drums
    Jay Wall -Sax
    ??? - Flute (final song only)

    Each show was 2hrs.
    Theo Bundy

    Don't look Back? Being Lonly aint a crime?

    Till The Light Comes Calling

    Waltz? I've never been much of a man?

    Yarn 1st show


    Down on your luck

    Woman on the interstate

    Strikes and gutters

    Nothing but time to give

    No future together (great Sax solo and sing along)

    Andrew Dice Clay Banter 123 Fuck you Dice man

    Promises (Eric Clapton cover)

    Singing Jim Croce

    Abeline (Andrew and co are in the zone) at one point Blake left the stage to get a drink while the band continued to jam. They did a Doors teese which was so hot. I did not think the song was going to end. It clocked in at over 10 minutes.

    Phish banter Blake said the Doors thing is what Phish fans call a teese. Then he said Phuck Phish. J/K. He said getting to play with Mike Gorden of phish once was so cool.

    I gotta go

    Lonely old man (Andrew is on fire) I thought his electric mandolin was going to just melt. lol

    Freebird Banter Blake said that Lonely old man felt like freebird


    Baby Banter Rod's wife is prego and due on Trev's Birthday. The baby is going to be named Trev Hohl. lol

    Something bout you (Kevin Welch cover)

    It's all over now

    More Andrew dice clay banter Jack and Jill joke

    End of 1st show

    More Theo Bundy Shane filming and only me in the audience. everyone left. It was like Blake playing in my living room.

    I'm Tired of Everything

    Wonder what it's like? See it's time to change?

    Theo had his book of shit out so he can work out the songs

    Banter about Theo is done his official retirement from music

    I want to be left along with know one around? Redhook Brooklyn?

    Trev jumped on stage. Theo is having so much fun but does not no what he is going to play wit Trev.

    More banter. Blake is depressed so Trev will fill in for him instead.

    2nd show

    Scenectady (Theo Trev and Ricky only) It started out acoustic and one by one the band started to join in and mid way through they plugged in. Andrew on electric Mandolin and Rod on Dorbo.

    Daydream (Family Dog cover) Monster loud jam

    Bad Bad man

    Alone on the weekend

    NYC Found (Disco Yarn) it's a dance party

    Don't break my heart again

    Drums (Bobby is an animal)

    Night Train (Jay Wall on Piano)

    Jam (They are possessed)

    Don't break my heart again

    Shane jumped on stage in a black dress the band is playing the Blues strip teese intro

    Islands In The Stream (Bee Gees cover) Shane & Blake trading vocals. Everyone was clapping and singing. So much fun.


    Church banter Blake taking us to church Amen

    The Road (Family Dog cover) Flute and sax jam. well over 13 minutes.

    End of show.

    I talked to Blake an Trev after the show then I bought a new Yarn shirt and headed home. I crawled into bed at 4 AM but man was it worth it. That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my review.
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    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2017
    Yarn Southpaw Setlist 7-8-11

    some girl is opening the show. I don't know her name. She's some Folk Pop singer. She's not Yarn but she's not bad. This girl can sing.

    Full Band including Jay Wall on Sax. No Bobby. Jay is filing in on drums. No Ricky B. Someone who I don't know is filling in on bass.

    Set 1 10:14

    Let Us Pray
    Bad Bad Man
    Down On Your Luck
    My wasted Life (Sad but Pretty)
    Can't Slow Down
    Annie (I love this song)
    Its All Over Now
    Dark Skies

    Yall ready for the real half

    Almost Home
    NYC Found (killer solos all around) (You had to be there) (Blake gave a shout out to the drummer and bass player)
    The Dirt Road (My new favorite song) (Epic) (I am numb) (9;35) (Blake said it was a hit)
    Nick the Flute player and friend of the band is on stage for DBMHA
    Don't Break my Heart (killer flute solo) (Nicks on the Night Train)
    Shane on stage
    I wanna Be Neil Young (Shane on Lead Vocals) (its a loud rockin party) (Yarn!)

    End of show 12:20

    Tonight I witnessed the greatest rock and roll concert from the greatest muther FUCKIN band on the planet.

    Trevor said that DBMHA was insane. It was like listening to old school Santana jam.

    Southpaw was not even close to sold out which is such a shame.

    I also lost a few pounds from dancing my butt off.

    This was the most fun I've had at a Yarn show since the last one. Lol
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    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2017
    Here's another favorite of mine. This show has the best version of MOO.

    89 North

    Full band no Trevor or Jay Wall

    11:15 start

    Lies I've told
    The Meanest Kind
    Bobby Weeks
    Fussin and fighting
    Down on your Luck
    Dark Skies
    I am so Tired
    Eminence Front Goddam Face Melt!!!!
    When Summer Ends
    Turn the Lights Off extended mandolin intro/jam
    Jam house banter this aint no concert its like a campfire
    Music's Only Outlaw>Walk on the Wildside>Musics only outlaw with 2 Guest vocals and a Flute player another face melt!!!!
    Blake called himself a fucking piece of shit
    One more song with the ladies
    He introduced the ladies who are sisters
    Slip Sliding Away Blake Rod and the ladies only

    End of show 1:01

    The ladies played in the 1st opening band. Blake never met them before. Nothing was rehearsed. So much talent.

    What a righteous show Yarn did Long Island proud

    I've paid $300 to sit in the nosebleeds and watch a band go through the motions. It does not even come close and compare to a Yarn show that cost $10. Yarn is the hardest working best band in mother fuckin land.

    I talked with the band after the show. They invited me for drinks but I turned them down. I have a long track home. I told Andrew how the who cover ripped. He said last nights version with leftover salmon was even better. He also said tonight's version of Outlaw was one his faves from the night.

    I taped the show and will see how it sounds and will figure out how to upload it.
    Mine is and will always be....the next one!
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    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    ^ Great answer.
    • CommentAuthorSouthernMan
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017 edited
    Hmmm....I feel like I should select multiple answers.

    I have a favorite Yarn show that I did not personally attend:


    My favorite Yarn show that I have attended, well it's tough because I have attended a lot of great ones, but I'm gonna go with this one:

    The Barn always has amazing energy. Never quite understood why it didn't fall down at the end of the night.

    There was also a night at Clementine's when I think the playing was the best I've ever seen. That one didn't make it onto video or tape, but it was awesome.
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    This is very cool and keeping me very busy. jgoods both of the shows you put up are awesome. The 12/11 one is incredible (listened to it twice...so far). It is amazing no matter what the situation these guys shine. earlbny it is a drag those shows were not recorded because just by your reviews they have me ready to listen. SouthernMan let's hear those multiple answers. I remember listening to that barn show. It is simply amazing (and it is no surprise) just how many great shows are out there. Just by earlbny recollection how many have not been archived. With that said I want to add this one also https://archive.org/details/Yarn2016-17-11. This was a 5 star show in my notes. This a professional recording that was made for possible use on a live disc. The performance is just as crisp as the recording, it is a great listen. It's a crappy couple of days here in the northeast, feel free to give me some more listening material. It just never gets old, and I love it.
    For me there's this thing about needing a connection to a live band. It was the appeal of following the Grateful Dead I suppose but I've never been able to put it aside. If I cannot access a live experience from a band, I lose interest. I very rarely play the Grateful Dead anymore.

    The point of this is that in the same vein, I don't listen much to Andrew era shows. That's over now and there's no remaining connection for me to that incarnation of the band. I will always value those times and will always feel indebted to Andrew for so many fine nights of music and for the many thoughtful and intriguing conversations we had. It's not as if I refuse to listen to his stuff and I do, but those shows are on the back burner for sure.

    Previously, 9/11/09 and my Birthday show 10/23/10 will be my two faves.
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    Wow, really a tough question. So many high moments since I first discovered Yarn in 2010! God Bless The Tapers is all I can say, because they have preserved these highlights for us all.

    Ya gotta go with the one(s) that first come to mind when you hear this question though. For me, that one was the Brooks Falls Farms, Produced by the Hobo Stage. If for no other reason than the overall down home vibe of the Event. It was literally in Paul Palazzi's backyard, which was a gorgeous setting, with kids playing hula hoops and running around, a lovely Brook that I was able to camp out near, a fire pit, and the band was joined by John Skeehan of RRE on Mando, even his Mom was in attendance. Such a lovely, Rockin' day!!! The 14 minute Eminence Front was nothing short of epic!!!


    Prior to that day, I think it was my first Yarn show that was my favorite. When I heard their archival recordings with Tim Carbone & friends at The Fountain House in Newton, NJ, I HAD to book them for HomegrownRadioNJ.org 's Fundraising Event. That we did, and what a night that was...Dobro wizard Mike Esposito sat in and the sparks flew! Blake's howling musical rant about "Homegrown" was so good that I made a Radio Station ID out of it! The floorboards of the 200 year old Roadhouse we were in were creaking and rocking!


    I am not trying to be regressive, here in the post-Andrew era we are in, because the boys are now bringing it better than ever, including the Jim Thorpe show last month! With that said, there is no taking away of these incredible memories!!!