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    So, we have a pretty extensive thread of bands that Yarn has covered...

    On the Johnson City 1/20/17 show Blake mentions they have received notice that another band intends to cover Bobby Weeks. (If anybody knows the mechanics of those notices or who this band is, I would love to know more).

    Anyway, what other bands have covered Yarn songs?

    Traveling Kine: covers both Strikes and Gutters and Bad, Bad Man. I thought they also covered I Hate You, but it turns out they have their own song named I Hate You

    (this one has Yarn members on it, but I think they cover it on their own as well

    Ross Griswold Band--Music's Only Outlaw

    That's all a quick search showed up. I'm pretty sure there have been some super-jams with Yarn members, but I'm mostly interested in them playing it on their own. I didn't find another live video of Bad, Bad Man, but they recorded Bad, Bad Man on their Change in the Wind album.
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    As a Strikes & Gutters fan, that version is fingernails on a chalkboard. There seems to be no life in the playing and the voice is extremely fatiguing to the ears.
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    I found these covers on YouTube. These were from 2011/2012