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    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2016

    It was more fun than the U.S. general election.

    Um, Jeff Buckley put out an album this year? Interesting.
    I voted.

    Had a hard time coming up w/ 10. Would have voted 10X for Yarn but it specifically prohibited that.

    I would have voted for The Marcus King Band album if that had been one of the choices.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2016
    ITA Reckless.

    That Marcus King Band album should have made the list. It was one of my faves from this year.
    If you get a chance to see the Marcus King Band live, they are great. Saw them in Oct, and going to see the again.
    • CommentAuthorTennessee
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2016
    That Cris Jacobs album is pretty damn good too, couldn't vote for Yarn x10 but just used 2 votes for those