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    My personal favorite:

    "Don't put no sugar or flavor in my muther fucking drink" - Blake

    https://archive.org/details/Yarn2015-12-12.sbd (#25)
    This thread reminded me of this show in Bridgeport and the banter between me and Blake. Still cracks me up.


    The excerpt:

    Funny, Blake asks jgoods what he wants to hear and jgoods asks for Strikes & Gutters. Then at the end of that he makes the mistake of asking me. if you listen at the end of Strikes & Gutters you can hear me and Blake bantering:

    "John, what do you want to hear?"

    "Don't fuck with me Christiana, you know that!"

    "Oh fuck you."

    You See The Sun....Turn Your Light On....I Love the Way"

    "Oh yeah you fucker, good point."

    "Desperate Amy....Desparate Amy."

    .......Madeline starts

    "Yeah, we'll do that. Fuck your Desperate Amy and fuck all those other requests, how 'bout that?!"

    "How about you learn better than to mess with me!"

    "I know I should know better I should I should..."
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    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2016