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    If there is anyone out there in the position to be able to give me ans my hubby an invite to the Barnbash 2016 I would be so very grateful!! I consider myself a Yarmy and can recognize and greet other Yarmies at shows without knowing names. So if anyone can extend an invitation to us please contact me.
    Please contact Meade@amoryseafood.com it shouldn't be a problem, tell him
    Blake sent you.
    Thank you so much Blake!! I just sent an email. I'm so excited!! I also can't wait to enjoy your shows at Clementine and the Staunton one- WQ....

    Be safe on the road and keep having fun!!
    So, I can't believe I am about to tell somebody to not go to a Yarn show, but if you are going to Barn Bash you might want to get there on Friday night, so that conflicts with the Staunton show...
    Hey Thanks SouthernMan- I didn't know Barn Bash was a 2 day event when I posted about Staunton- so Staunton is out and Barn Bash is in!! I can't wait- it looks like it is a beautiful place to camp and have a festival- and I love the rules. I will be seeing Yarn at The Harvester on Halloween so I'm happy. I've been able to catch Yarn on Thanksgiving Eve, New Year's Eve and Day and now Halloween. Just enjoyed their show at Clementines - although it was really hot in there- November is a good time for an outdoor festival. Ginger