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    Got my next show lined up...three long weeks away. Looking forward to it...

    A Yarn show is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get
    The guys were fire on Friday night. No opening act, so we got a nearly three hour show. Great energy. Great setlist. Everybody played their part, but there was a lot of featuring of Bobby, more than I had seen in a while.

    Clementine Cafe
    Harrisonburg, VA

    1. My Carolina Heart
    2. Now You're Gone
    3. Gypsy, How Bout Me*
    4. Long Way to Texas
    5. Fussin' and Fightin'
    6. More
    7. Dear Mama, I'm so sorry
    8. Love/Hate
    9. Bad, Bad Man
    10. Sorry for Being Me
    11. This is the Year
    12. A Better Way
    13. Down On Your Luck
    14. Bobby Weeks
    15. I'm the Man
    16. Music's Only Outlaw
    17. Fallin'
    18. Turn the Light Off
    19. Annie
    20. Cat and Mouse
    21. Shake Your Body
    22. Abilene

    23. 25 Years

    *thought I got a new song, but it looks like they debuted this one last week at Barnaroo. I recorded most of it and will try to upload to Facebook and post a link when I get a chance.

    Yarn is

    Blake Christiana--Guitar, vocals
    Roderick Hohl--Guitar, backing vocals
    Rick Bugel--Upright Bass
    Robert Bonhomme--Drums
    SouthernMan- Thanks once again for the set list- I missed the first song but I am glad to see that was all. My other half loved Cat and Mouse- he kept saying how much he enjoyed it- he thinks it might be their best version of it ever. The crowd loved it- a circle was formed with people taking turns dancing through the middle- and Rod knows how to get the crowd singing along. Fun!!

    One of my friends was very happy to hear Fallin for the first time live- one of her favorite songs now. I'm still waiting to catch Listen Up Sweetheart live.
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    Thanks fir the review/setlist. Looks like I missed a good one. Like a fine wine the band gets better with age/each show. I can't wait to hear the new song.