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    Going to see the boys on Friday in Harrisonburg for a special fundraiser...they will have special acoustic set during dinner and a full set that night. We didn't pony up for the $100/plate dinner so we will only be in for the concert.

    Maybe Mr. Mayor will be joining them on stage for a song or two??
    I hate to miss this but I will be at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots this weekend. I guess I will have to wait until October. Have a great time SouthernMan and thanks for listing their sets.
    So, it was a fun night. The boys played an acoustic set but I did not get in for that (this was a fundraiser and that part was for the big spenders.

    They played a shorter set (just a bit over 1.5 hours, I think, although I was not watching the time closely). Small crowd, but lots of good fans.

    1. Love/Hate
    2. Bad Bad Man
    3. This is the Year
    4. Now You're Gone
    5. Long Way to Texas
    6. Down on Your Luck
    7. A Better Way
    8. Annie
    9. These Bars Don't Look Too Friendly
    10. Fussin' and Fightin'
    11. Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    12. You Don't Mess Around with Jim
    13. Don't Break My Heart Again>Drumz>Don't Break My Heart Again
    14. I Let You Down
    15. Shake Your Body