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    First show in two months. Kicks off a run of 5 Yarn shows over the next two months for me. Maybe more, still trying to figure out if I can squeeze in a couple more shows, but I have tickets to so many other shows. Can't wait.

    Anybody else in?
    1. Shake this Thing
    2. Now You're Gone
    3. Woman on the Interstate
    4. Love/Hate
    5. Bad, Bad Man
    6. I Let You Down
    7. A Better Way
    8. Down On Your Luck
    9. Long Way to Texas
    10. Tennessee
    11. I'm the Man
    12. When the Summer Ends
    13. Turn the Light Off
    14. Abilene
    15. This is the Year
    16. Cat and Mouse*
    17. Shake Your Body*
    18. I Believe it all*
    19. Late in the Evening#

    20. Take Me First%
    21. Bad Bad Leroy Brown*

    *Brock Butler Acoustic guitar
    #Brock Butler, acoustic guitar and vocals
    % Blake and Rod

    Yarn is

    Blake Christiana Vocals and Acoustic guitar
    Rod Hohl--electric guitar
    Rick Bugel--Bass
    Robert Bonhomme-Drums
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2016
    Wow what a fine looking setlist. The new additions must have sounded nice.
    'Twas a very nice night. Everything sounded good.

    Previous shows at the Broadberry show up on Archive, as the sound guys record and post them. Hasn't shown up yet, but I'll remember to post a link when they do.

    My friend who usually posts videos on Facebook was there as well. He's posted some stills but no video yet. I'll try to get those links up as well.
    Have not seen this show up on Archive yet...hope they didn't miss taping it, was a great show, hate to see it lost.