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    Who's so prolific that they can just toss aside great song after great song? Oh yeah, Blake Christiana, that's who.

    Feel So Low
    I'm Down
    You Don't Love Me Anymore
    Rock You Ready
    This Whole Zoo
    You See The Sun
    Lou Ann
    I've Seen The Difference

    Desperate Amy
    A Heart Worth Breaking
    Bottle of Wine
    Tired of Everything
    Dark Skies
    Good lady
    Let Us Pray
    Along The Way
    Maybe You're Mine
    That's Just Fine


    I'm So Tired
    Soft Rock Radio

    Good thing we have the recordings....thanks Drunken Angel!
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2016
    "You See The Sun", "Let Us Pray"...lost classics.
    This post just made my day. Thanks guys!
    • CommentAuthorjgoods21
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2016
    The scary thing is this list could easily be be longer.... Like Dont worry about me, Take me Out Misery, etc. Just incredible.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2016
    If I did not know any better I would have thought this was an old setlist. Like always Yarn proves that they are the best band.
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2016 edited
    Let's Get Dark, Madeline, My Wasted Life, Schenectady, It Took A Long Time...

    I mentioned This Whole Zoo to Drunken Angel a while back and he said they were thinking about bringing it back.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2016 edited
    They should bring back Cast Off Angels. I love that one.
    • CommentAuthorjgoods21
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2016
    We just heard schenectady in New London by audience request. So thats still in some kind of rotation.
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2016
    Nice post reckless, seems we were just talking about that in New London. I would love to hear On The Radio, Liquor Love and Blue Skies, Brighter Times and Roses.as well as ALL of the above. We
    were lucky enough to hear Schenectady the next day in of all places Schenectady. Don't know if I ever heard it live before, two days in a row was a definite treat.
    Thanks, this has been a fun thread.

    Lemme say though, although I'd freak out if they actually played that show, this is in no way a complaint thread. Rather, it's a thank you for allowing taping so we have those songs and then a kudos to this seemingly endless river of beautiful and rich songs. I cannot guess what song Yarn might open with and close with the next time I see them. About 90% of the time I see them, Yarn plays something that I've never heard them play before be it a cover or a new original. After 38 years of concerts I can't say those things about any other band.
    I have to admit that I don't even know some of those songs...Desperate Amy for one--time to deep-dive a little more.

    I don't think Tired of Everything is that far out of rotation...or I'm so tired. Looks like they played both as recently as May 2015...
    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2016
    While it is always great to hear a Yarn "oldie" it does not matter to me what comes off of the stage on any given night. Reckless, you put it in a nutshell with the word prolific, the words and music just keep on coming, it never gets old, it ALWAYS gets better. The band and the "family" that surrounds them are incredible it is that experience that I love and enjoy being a part of. Thank you Blake, Ricky, Bobby and Rod for giving that gift to all of us.
    • CommentAuthorYodel Lay
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2016
    Please see my user name. When I heard it for the first time, in December of 2006 (pretty sure), I knew Drunken Angel was headed in the right direction.
    It must be amazing to be so close to the genesis of all these songs and being able to help bring them to life Yodel Lay.

    There are three significant dates in my music lifetime.

    9/3/80 - First Grateful Dead Show
    11/18/05 - First Ryan Adams show.
    4/3/09 - First Yarn show.

    I see lots of stuff but not too many leave me pining for the next one like Yarn does.
    • CommentAuthorYodel Lay
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2016
    Amazing company! Happy to say I remember 4.3.09 well. The Main Pub(e)

    And a correction on that date...it was Dec 2005.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2016
    The Main Pub(e)!

    Awesome. Thanks for the laugh!
    So, Reckless, totally off topic, but I was at a show the other weekend and wearing my Yarn shirt (which I frequently do the proselytize) and some guy called me over and started asking me about it, wanted to know if Yarn was still touring, etc. Tells me that he was familiar with them from a while back because, although he had never seen them, he had a friend who was big into them and taped them when he lived in the northeast. He was big into Ryan Adams and then switched to taping Yarn and was constantly talking about them. I was like, yeah, I think I know who you're talking about.

    Anyway, dude knew you when he lived up there and then moved to Portland and now is in the Charlottesville area. I assured him that Yarn was still very much touring and encouraged him mightily to come to the Yarn show on Friday night at Clementine's. I don't think he showed up, at least I never saw him.
    Is Can't Slow Down slipping into status as a discarded song? The last time I can find (very quick search) of it being played was 4/8/16. That's over 6 months now. Of course that is only the setlists on archive.

    Anybody have a more recent hearing?
    "Anyway, dude knew you when he lived up there and then moved to Portland and now is in the Charlottesville area. I assured him that Yarn was still very much touring and encouraged him mightily to come to the Yarn show on Friday night at Clementine's. I don't think he showed up, at least I never saw him."

    I meant to respond to this before SouthernMan but damned if I can recall who you may be talking about. My only RA friend who moved to Portland is the one who introduced me to Yarn in the first place so he's definitely seen them.
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2016
    Add "Oncoming Train" to the setlist please.
    Oncoming Train
    Living To Die
    Tear Me Down
    Lost Cause
    On the Radio
    One & Only
    The Meanest Kind
    The End Of Summer
    Don't Break My Heart Again

    Take Me Out Misery
    Let's Get Dark
    Far From My Home
    Blue Skies, Brighter Times, & Roses
    Take The Win
    The Truth of my Sweet Anna Lee
    It Took A Long Time
    The Dirt Road
    It's All Over Now


    Heartache For So Long
    Thank You for Coming Around
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2016
    When's the show? Where is it? What's the cover?
    I'm In!
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2016
    Count me in as well.
    Madeline made an appearance.

    Schenectady is in somewhat regular rotation these days.
    Take Me Out has been played recebtly.

    I'd like to hear Old Shoes and The Meanest Kind. Not sure how long its been since those were played.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2017
    Great song choices. I want to hear Cast Off Angles, Rock You Ready and I Wanna Be Neil Young.