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    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2016 edited
    Just got tickets for this Saturday. Been jonesing for a show, esp. after deciding to pass on one day tickets to Red Wing. It's 2.5 hours but convinced the wife to make the drive. New venue for us.

    Anybody been? Anybody going?

    Also 6-16-16 is a palindrone date.
    My wife and I will be there, maybe tapernate
    Um, unless I'm a month late here, I think yer palindrome might be a bit off!

    Have fun though.
    damn! Been a crazy month...
    Lol! I feel like I talked you out of a month of your life!
    Pockets was there so it will go up on the Archive, but here is a sneak peak from my wife:


    It was a good venue but a very small crowd...numbered in the dozens. I think that changed some of the setlist choices---no sing-a-longs last night and no really long jams (no Abilene, Tennesse, or Musics Only Outlaw). It has to be hard to keep the energy up and put out a great effort when you have a crowd like that. There were some big enthusiasts, though.

    I did not really keep a setlist, since I knew Pockets was recording, but they played four new songs, all of the Waylon songs, a good bit of the stuff off of the current record.

    I really enjoyed I Hate You (since I don't think I'd heard it in quite a while) and the Angel Place that Halo (since it is just a beautiful song).
    counted about 30 people, but Blake said he probably could name everyone by first name. New venue 40 miles west of DC. Former Hill Country VP founded the restaurant and brought his sound man Mike with him and some other familiar faces. Hopefully, Yarn will be back. Nice alternative to the DC venues.
    Wild set list. Great collection of new, old, and covers.

    01 Time Burns On
    02 Sweet Dolly
    03 Now You’re Gone
    04 No Future Together
    05 25 Years
    06 I Hate You
    07 I Let You Down
    08 More, More, More
    09 Alone on the Weekend
    10 NYC Found
    11 Is There No End?
    12 Promised land
    13 Better Way
    14 Make You Feel
    15 This is the Year
    16 Long Way to Texas
    17 I Can Get Off on You
    18 Lückenbach, Texas
    19 Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way?
    20 Angel Place This Halo
    21 Love/Hate
    22 Bad. Bad Man
    23 Fallin’
    24 Bar Down the Road

    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2016
    Thanks ep! Track 11 is another winner!
    Terrific stuff....thanks so much ep....thanks so much Yarn!