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    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2016
    I can't think of any other band who release an album and a month later is already playing new songs that have yet to be released. Love all of them.
    Love the new songs. Also in love w the way they are playing Abilene as a spacey jam as well.
    So, I have heard this one called Throw Me a Line? And I think I called it a Better Way? Is there a consensus on the title for that? I'm trying to help a bit w/ cleanup on labeling setlists on Archive...


    It's #10 on here:

    Also #1 I think we are tenatively calling that one Make You Feel...anybody know a title or have a better suggestions

    Last night was my first night hearing a good bit of the new ones live. They played :

    Is there no end. First time I'd ever heard that one
    Promise Land
    A Better Way
    Make You Feel