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    Ye-Ha. Come one, come all...
    And they're going to Gypsy Sally's in D.C. on the 6th... Giddy-up.
    Anybody know any tapers in the Charlottesville area? Pockets would you be wanting to come down to this one? I'd like to get a taper there and am willing to buy a ticket...
    Thanks for the kind offer Southerman. I work at a small university and our graduation is on the 7th, so the "other duties assigned part of my contact" comes into play now. I doubt I'll make any of this run. There are 3 tapers in the Charlottesville area. One is recovering from a car accident. I'll ask the others if they can make it.
    OK. If one of your taper friends wants a ticket I'm happy to provide on if they tape. You know how to get ahold of me!
    We had a great time at the show Thursday night. Got the T-Shirt and CD. Glad they got some new merch and the CD sounds great. Already wearing it out.

    Was planning to travel up to DC to catch them again Friday, but we just closed and moved into a new house last weekend and we ran out of energy, so we just went to the one close to home.

    Can't wait for my next chance to catch the boys. I'll put a setlist up when in the next few days, I am out of town at the moment.

    Was not successful in luring a taper to the show, but Michael Allen again took some good videos on Facebook. He shoots lots of good stuff as well.

    Cat and Mouse: https://www.facebook.com/michael.allen.3532/videos/vb.1452335698/10208708539698187/?type=2&theater

    Turn the Light Off: https://www.facebook.com/michael.allen.3532/videos/vb.1452335698/10208708317812640/?type=2&theater

    Music's Only Outlaw: https://www.facebook.com/michael.allen.3532/videos/vb.1452335698/10208704877206627/?type=2&theater

    This it the Year>>Now YOu're Gone: https://www.facebook.com/michael.allen.3532/videos/vb.1452335698/10208704015185077/?type=2&theater

    Tennessee: https://www.facebook.com/michael.allen.3532/videos/vb.1452335698/10208697196374611/?type=2&theater

    Dear Mama, I'm so sorry: https://www.facebook.com/michael.allen.3532/videos/vb.1452335698/10208697048930925/?type=2&permPage=1
    Somehow in changing phones I neglected to post my compete setlist from this show. Ran across my old phone in the drawer, charged it up and bing...

    1. Sorry for Being Me
    2. Long Way to Texas
    3. This is the Year
    4. Now You're Gone
    5. Easy Road
    6. Dear Mama, I'm So Sorry
    7. Hard Times
    8. Down on Your Luck
    9. Tennessee
    10. Alone on the Weekend
    11. Cat and Mouse
    12. I Let You Down
    13. Christopher Street
    14. Bobby Weeks
    15. Fussin' and Fightin'
    16. Let Me In
    17. Music's Only Outlaw
    18. Love/Hate
    19. The Dirt Road
    20. Turn the Light Off
    21. Shake Your Body


    22. I Wanted to Get High