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    So, I've been listening to a lot of older shows, well, just a lot of shows period. I've run across a few songs recently that for whatever reason have never made it into the regular Yarn rotation. Some of those songs have, again, as far as I can tell, only been played once or twice. Of course that is mostly limited to the recorded songs on archive, so its possible they have been played many, many times. It's also possible that some of these songs have multiple names on the archive. Anyway, I just thought I'd crowd-source with this group of folks and try to see if I'm missing some of these songs or if anybody knows better than me:

    Just heard this song Nashville: https://archive.org/details/yarn2011-03-26

    for search reasons the combination of "Yarn" and "Nashville" is particularly unfruitful. I've found link to every Yarn shop in Nashville, every show Yarn has played in Nashville, etc. Haven't found any instances of them playing this song, haven't checked every setlist in Archive manually.
    I'm particularly interested in knowing about any "unicorns" songs that they only played once, but any and all submissions are welcome...
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    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2016
    Here's an old favorite of mine. This show a few songs that have yet to make an appearance on an album. Cast Off Angels, You See The Sun, I'm To Blame, I Wanna Be Neil Young. Some songs have been played live more then others.

    Nice show. Yes familiar with some of those Also a huge ensemble:

    Blake Christiana - Guitar, Vocals
    Trevor MacArthur - Guitar, Vocals
    Andrew Hendryx - Mandolins, Harmonica
    Rick Bugel - Upright Bass
    Jay Frederick - Drums, Percussion
    Jeremy Wall - Tenor Sax
    Benny Reid - Alto Sax
    Tracy Platt - Trumpet