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    • CommentAuthorRetrograde
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    What are the best Yarn recordings on the archive? Can't wait for the show tomorrow!
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009 edited
    First show I listened too, still keep going back to it, Candyman > Deal is great.

    God damed dial-up!

    I read about that Candyman>Deal when you wrote about it and haven't heard it!

    Retro, can you grab that for us?
    Oh yeah, the band was kind enough to let me shoot video in Manchester, CT back on 4/3 and it's posted at dime here:


    It came out pretty sweet and will put you at a show.
    Excellent DVD Reckless.. def feel like your in the room. Looking forward to more!

    This one is also a good show, prob the best sounding recording ive come across.
    Great version of Can't slow down and DBMHA!

    My DVD from Albany last night is really nice with much better lighting than the Manchester one. The audio is quite similar.
    • CommentAuthorThe Lorax
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2009
    howdy Yarners....Lorax here
    been a big fan since ant5 put Deal on for me at xmas time (and ive put it on every couple days since i think)
    thanks for setting up this board Reckless....you better grab that Deal show it will bring back your faith in GD again and thanks for the Manchester DVD ....nice work
    ant5....the 12 min version of cat and mouse from that show (may 7)has some great pickin for sure
    Well I have pretty much all the shows on Archive now and I have to say the 2009 show at Nectar's has to be the best to date.

    3 Hour show, guys are relaxed and had a great time by the sounds, excellent covers (lovelight, friend of the devil, knockin on heaven's door), and an excellent recording....


    If your only going to get one, make it this one...
    Thanks Ant, so glad there was a taper there. highway, any chance of snagging this one for me?
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2009 edited
    ITA. That 09 Nectar's show is top notch. I love it.

    Thanks to the archive and the tapers I found a new Yarn show to listen to. Yesterday before I went for my evening run I downloaded a new show to put on my iPod. I set a record and had the whole thing ready to rock in roll in about 10 minutes. Anyway the show I downloaded was the Live at The Muddy River from 2009-04-11. It was a semi short show with Cat & Mouse being the only song they jammed on. Every other song was no more then about 5 minutes or so. Andrew was not at this show nor was Jay Wall on Sax. However they had that dude whose name I am drawing a blank on playing electric guitar. He’s played with them before. He was great. Track 5 was a brand new song called Bring me Down. I have heard a bunch of the new songs but this one I never heard before. I must have listened to it on repeat a dozen or so times. I could not get enough. It starts off slow and has this old time feel then slowly picks up the pace. It was a great song that had a lot of potential for Andrew to rip. The solo was sweet. This show also featured aside from the usual songs great covers of Miss Ohio by Gillian Welch & Sweet Carolina by Ryan Adams. Towards the end of the show they did an old song called Out on the Road which is not on any of the Yarn albums. The opening notes reminded me of the song Name by the Goo Goo Dolls but then it takes off and becomes this road tripping song about trying to make it. It has major potential for the band to Jam and turn it into Yarns version of a Dead classic. The band was so funny at this show. The banter between the band and the audience was classic. However at one point they counted how many people were at the show and only got about a dozen and that was including the bartender and all the people working there. What a shame. Hopefully that will be the last time that happens. Here is the direct link to download the show. Trevor taped the show so it's top notch. He did a great job with it. http://www.archive.org/details/YARN2009-04-11.SBD
    • CommentAuthorThe Lorax
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2009
    I had a decision to make .....
    For my weekly 2 1/2 hour drive home, I had four cd's too choose from
    (I had listened to a bit of them but none all the way thru)

    The Dead--MSG 2009-04-25
    DMB--Big Whiskey
    Gomez--A New Tide
    Yarn--Nectars 2009-02-21

    needless to say i chose Yarn (thanks to your advice ant5)
    the tunes got wilder and wilder as the whiskey started to take effect (on the band not me )
    its great to hear a band thats having fun on stage
    it makes a big difference when the band is relaxed and enjoying themselves and the audience is part of the whole show

    .....as I pulled in the driveway the show ended
    great show....great tunes ....great drive .........Thanks Yarn
    Glad your enjoying the tunes Lorax...

    Anyone have any updates on any new recordings surfacing? I've hanging for some new stuff....

    Reckless, any word on the DVD torrent? :)
    No not yet ant. Drop me a mailing addy and I'll send you the 5/29 and 6/4 DVDs as well as the Canal street show on CD.