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    I just finished my 4th and final show last night. Ryan was great. I dug the new band however I still miss the Cards. I saw 4 shows in less than 2 weeks. 2 acoustic and 2 electric. Last night I got yelled at by security for taping. I was asked to put my Tascam away or I would be asked to leave. This was during the opener (Butch Walker). After his set I had a chat with the security. They even brought over the head of security and then someone from Ryan's camp. I've never had a problem before but then again All I tape is Yarn and Counting Crows and they are both ok with it. Saturday Night I sat in the balcony so nobody bothered me. Sunday night I was front and center. I basically pretended to put my Tascam away and just placed it on top of my jacket. After the show I bought a poster which was one of the lucky signed posters. Ryan hid a few signed posters in the stack. The 2 acoustic shows had some nice rare songs he does not play often. However the electric shows were kind of similar. I was hoping for some more variety. Over all I had a blast. I hope I don't get in any more trouble for taping the show.
    Don't know why Ryan did the whole 180 on taping. That's why Joel shut down ryanadamsarchive.com

    My buddy said the first acoustic Carnegie show was splendid but that he was bored shitless with the band show the next week.

    How are your recordings earlbny?
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    We had a long chat about this topic Sunday night after the show on Facebook. I asked Ryan fans how come someone can record video with a phone without any problems but I could not tape audio with my Tascam. Most of the fans were ok with me taping the shows. a couple of people said I was in the wrong and should not tape. My shows sounded nice on my bose headphones but I am no expert. I can send them to you if you like. I sent them to someone in the UK who was willing to edit them for me. He said said he'll work on them next week but they sound nice. Al least the Hammerstein shows. The Shining are growing on me however I miss the Cards.
    I'm back! Been a loong while! Hows everyone doing?

    Earlbny I'd be keen to take a listen. I can understand people getting bored with the band, coming from Neal and Jon to what it is these days is a huge reduction in sound in my opinion.

    Loving CRB still though :) Saw two shows in Nov in SF, good fun. Neals ripping it.
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    Just when I thought 5guitars was dead ant is back. I am doing great. You? I am going to see CRB when they come around my neck of the woods. I miss the Cards.
    i'm back!

    how's everyone doing ;)
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    Welcome back. I am doing ok.
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    Ryan playing most of his new album solo acoustic at Rough Trade NYC Saturday:

    Thanks for the link, hopped up. I'll give it a listen!
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    I recorded Ryan show at the Apollo. I'll pot the link to the show if anyone wants to DL it.
    I'd love to hear the Apollo show, earlbny!
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    i'll post a link to the recording.