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    • CommentAuthorjohnD
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2014

    thought this one might be of interest to a few here
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    I haven't seen CCD since 2009, but they were great then. Rhiannon is the only original member left and she is from right here in Greensboro, NC. She is playing tomorrow night at a restaurant here in town. Usually when she plays it is SRO.

    ETA: They are also one of the first bands I ever taped and my first tape ruined by wind noise. Thankfully I got a board feed. Their show is like a concert with a music history lessons sprinkled throughout. https://archive.org/details/ccd2009-08-29.sbd.flac16
    I gave it a listen....a little bluegrassy for my tastes but they're very good. I was alarmed by a dozen tracks of banter as well.

    John D, we're 20 minutes from the Infinity.....drop a line next time you come up~