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    Welcome to 5 guitars whoever stumbles in here. Thanks to my good bud who has designed this space and of course Blake and the Yarn crew for supporting us, we're gonna try to assist Yarn in trucking along. Hopefully, by staying in touch with fellow yarners, we'll build a community of friends and aquaintances to share thoughts, shows, rides, tix etc.

    Personally, I'm very pleased to have this band on the planet. As a veteran deadhead who followed Jerry for 15 years, I spent some lost time going to different bands that would hold my interest for a spell but as of late, songwriting and great singing have become the most important components to music for me. Blake and Trevor's singing ability is a huge plus in their ability to cover a wide array of material. As for songs, man, it seems that while you listen to Yarn and Empty Pockets, each song is better than the previous one. Having heard some of the songs live that will be on the future album, it seems the trend just continues. My login name here is from Alone On The Weekend, another quick favorite.

    So that's that, we welcome the first folks who enter and we look forward to having this space grow~
    • CommentAuthorkees
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2009
    Kees here, just as in 'Kees'...It's my name, nothing else...

    A big HELLO to all friends and fellow Yarn followers!

    Thanks for creating this place, and thanks to the Yarn boys for being Yarn!
    Hey Everybody, this is Blake from Yarn. I just want to say thank you so much for creating this little community here. Anything you need from us to make this more successful you just let us know and we'll try and make it happen. Thanks again and we'll see you at the shows.
    • CommentAuthorPONZ
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009 edited
    Hola. Im Josh. Im a fan. I frequent shows in the NJ/NY area. Yarn kicks ass. Good looks on the message board.
    this all looks great, thank you k and thank you .... restless companion !
    hi blake
    hi kees
    hi josh
    tangled up in yarn = chris

    looking forward to friday night in albany more than you can imagine !
    • CommentAuthorbwdesign
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Hello! I'm Brad, and currently still coming down from my Yarn high last night at The Tin Angel. They put on quite the impressive performance with a nice 2.5hr set, working straight through without a break, unless you count the whiskey.
    Hey Brad- glad it was a good show! Set list? Highlights?
    • CommentAuthorbwdesign
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    I'm still working on a set list, I wasn't prepared for the show at all. It was a surprise trip, I walked into the Tin Angel to find reserved tickets and hear "Introducing Yarn" needless to say I was super excited. Set List and a review is coming shortly!
    Wish I was there Brad. I knew it would be great....you comin' up to Albany tomorrow?

    Blake, we all really enjoyed your cover of Drunken Angel from the blog. Glad you dropped in and see ya tomorrow....whooot!

    I may seem like a restless companion tangled only 'cause you sleep with me. It's supposed to be "Reckless" though ;)
    • CommentAuthorMK
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    Hey kids! Mary Katherine here...MK for short. I'm in Raleigh, NC and was turned onto Yarn by a friend with great taste in music...obviously. I have been singing your praises since the Berkley Cafe show. Looking forward to the shows here next month and many more. Come back soon and often!!!
    MK, I hope your last name's not gallagher!

    Welcome to 5G~
    • CommentAuthorbwdesign
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    No can do on the Albany show, I'll have to wait for their return a little closer to home. Plus I'm still on the fence on whether to see Derek Trucks or JJ Grey & MoFro with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe tomorrow.
    Oh great, Derek's a real talent...have fun.
    Hey Hey All,

    This is Shane Spaulding. I just wanted to thank the Yarn community for creating this site and for being so supportive of the Yarn Boy's as they travel around the country. As for me, this site is helping me get through the day while I waste away in my office space.

    • CommentAuthorPONZ
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2009
    bwdesign--go see KDTU & JJ but either way you cant lose!
    Hi All, Cheyne here from down under... long distance listener.

    Wish I could join you all at the concerts, but thanks to this great band (and fans) I still get to hear and see them regularly.

    Thanks for setting up this site and to all the tapers, filmers and of course the generosity of the band.

    Keep Yarning!
    • CommentAuthorLaC
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009 edited
    hey kiddos -just trying to figure out who's-who ... I tried to keep my name fairly easy for the RA fans to figure out who I am :)

    THANK YOU to everyone involved it getting this place running! and of course to the musicians bringing us together.

    speaking of this lovely site, I have a quickie suggestion... can you make the settings so that when you click on a link it opens a new window or tab, rather than directing you away from this webpage? I clicked on the link to go vote at jambands and then closed the window, not realizing I was closing my session here because the link had navigated me away from 5guitars. It's a minor thing but figured I'd throw the suggestion out there...

    much love to yarn, recklesscompanion, kev (who i assume is involved in all this but I can't figure out who he is on here!), and all my other friends on 5guitars!

    :) LaC
    • CommentAuthorSmeeta
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009
    Hey there everybody!
    I'm smeeta from Raleigh by way of Boone North Carolina. I happened upon Yarn while I was searching for live music in Raleigh on Jambase and I've been crazy in love since! The name of the band really got my attention since I'm an avid knitter and a slight yarn junkie (both the fiber and the band at this point!) I caught the show at the Berkley and can't wait until they're back to play the Pour House. I'm coming ready to boogie!

    I'll be moving back up to Boone in the fall for school and I'm really hoping they'll come visit Carolina's High Country. I know a boat load of kids (and adults!) who'd really dig these tunes :)

    Which reminds me, anyone know when that new album will be out?

    hope all is well in internet land,
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2009 edited
    What up everyone? I am earlbny aka Eric. some of you may know me from RAA and some of you may not. I am from Long Island and have been a Yarn junkie since the first album. My friend Laurel told me to drop everything and check out this band she heard at this Brooklyn music fest. I did just that and have been hooked ever since. Living 50 mins by train from NYC I have seen Yarn a bunch of times. As long as Yarn is making music I will be here to support them. I just wanted to also take the time to say hello and personally thank everyone that has helped get this place up and running.
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2009
    Hey, hey, hey...it's AmyG.

    I'm so excited to have the opportunity to come here. I saw Yarn Sat. night in Burlington, VT....and they mentioned 5 Guitars.....and asked if anyone was a member...so i raised my hand. I was the only one...but I'm sure in no time there will be more on here. They were just great...LOVED them. And they played Lovelight which just made my evening....so here I am.

    Congrats to those who formed this....it looks beautiful.

    Mazel Tov!!! ;)
    Wonderful to have you aboard Amy. See you Thursday perhaps?!!!!
    hi amy lovelight !!!
    ~ now that you are here, it's more beautiful ~

    hopeing to see you in beacon on thursday.
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    I'll call you later, tangled. It's a real possibility that I'll be going. Show time says 5:30? An early bird show? They didn't come on in Burlington until 12:15am....ha...I'm a little too old for that!!! ;)
    It's a restaurant and I'm gonna call them at lucnhtime to get the details. It's a 1.5 drive for us so quite doable.
    • CommentAuthorMK
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    Smeeta, I am in raleigh as well. Yarn will be at the Pour House June 23rd...see you there!!!

    And no, not MK Gallagher :P
    Lol! Sometimes when I get real nervous.....

    The Pour House June 3rd will be too far for me but that's waht this website's all about. MK's gonna come here and tell us just how cool it was!
    • CommentAuthorMK
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2009
    Thank you for creating this address. I have always been inspired by music’s ability to create and sustain communities. My mandolin playing and personal ideologies have been deeply influenced by the cultures that emerged from great music (and great art for that matter). I have had countless conversations that supported and challenged my beliefs about the importance of ecological sustainability, vegetarianism, local organic agriculture and putting your heart and soul behind a note. These discourses have occurred in the strangest of places; parking lots, waiting in line for a veggie burrito cooked in the back of a VW buss (again, in a parking lot), early morning ticket lines, post show jam sessions, and cab rides home from gigs. I feel these experiences were all an integral part of the total musical experience.
    It is common to hear improvising musicians, especially in the jam band world, expound upon how important an audience’s energy plays in creating a magical live performance. THIS IS ABSOLUTLY TRUE! Hearing first hand about the long hauls Yarn fans have made to attend our shows has been very inspiring. It certainly makes me want to invest as much of myself as I possibly can into our time on stage. Unfortunately, inspired playing does not always happen, but that is another story.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Yarn fans that have supported us around the country. I hope to see you all again soon. Safe travels and thanks for posting.
    - Andrew Hendryx - YARN
    Andrew, your entire post rings true. I have had so many formative experiences associated with music from the lots to late night hangs in hotels to conversations with musicians and fans. I remember our first conversation when I introduced myself and had to ask you your name! Ha ha, we spoke of our common love of Jerry and about Yarn's origins and such.....then you took the stage and by the end of that Music's Only Outlaw where you just shreeeeded it up, I knew this was a band that I was going to enjoy exploring. Indeed, the majority of my good friendships are based upon common music. Mostly the Grateful Dead but as of late, I had a tremendous run with Ryan Adams fans and many of those friendships have come to this space too. I recently met Shane from here as well of course, as the Yarn band members and look foward to many more.

    Each time one of you thanks us for creating this space I can't help but to return that thanks a dozen times. Thank you for the free sharing of your art with all of us. Thank you for letting us record and take some of the experience home with us. The actual live scene and resultant energy cannot be captured so that's why we travel to do it all over again, however, these recordings are the next best thing so thank you.

    I'm not amazed at all that the vast majority of my friends who I turn onto Yarn remark that they haven't taken it out of their players since I gave it to them. This music is that good. I know that there are many Yarn fans spread all about and this experiment in the cyber world is intended to bring us all together. Perhaps in person or perhas not but together in an intellectual sense anyway.

    I think we have a great start going on here. I remarked to Blake that I know it's 80% my crap still but for being barely a week old, we're out of the gates pretty good and I trust that it's just the start. We have many more thoughts about where we'd like to take this site including even the possibility of streaming so it's gonna be a work in progress for a spell.

    So thanks back to the band and thanks to each person who posts. It takes a village to make a village and a website is just a bunch of ones and zeros until people make it into something.
    • CommentAuthorkees
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2009 edited
    Crap here smells decent...

    Thanks, Reckless Companion!
    Ha ha, thanks buddy. Hey, I've made two more pretty cool DVDs and they'll get posted before too long. If DLing them's any problem, just shoot me your addy again and I'll mail 'em.
    What's going on in here...I smell a good time :)
    Thanks to Reckless for starting things up, and to Yarn for inspiring him!

    I look foward to checking out this band a lot more.
    I was fortunate to see them in Portland, Maine not too long ago, and had a great time dancing up a storm!
    Yarn guys, please don't judge Portland by the lack of crowd that night, I had no idea Ray Lamontagne was playing that night in our concert-starved lil city that night. Hope you'll take a chance on Maine again soon.

    Hello to the other friends I recognize here, good to see you!
    Heya bud,

    I have a nice package of stuff ready to ship to you. I bought you a copy of both available CDs and I have two more DVDs to send along. I'll try to get to the P.O. tomorrow~

    ...and welcome to 5G....it's still a little slow in here but I'm sure we'll get there.

    Blake told me he'd come to my place to play this summer and if he wasn't BSing me, I just might take him up on it. How about a couple of days of camping and a Yarn show?!!! Whooot~
    • CommentAuthorkees
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2009
    F***, I'll have to twist and turns things to make it over to the budfarm then....
    We'll see but it would be cool no doubt. I'm just tryin' to get the school year finished first!

    Also you guys, Chrissy's grampa passed away on Saturday so we gots that to finish up too.
    • CommentAuthorkees
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2009
    oh dear...my condolences for all of you, especially for Chrissy of course....
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2009 edited
    This band/community is like one big family. More bands should follow suit and take note. Now of days you go to a show and spend $300+ to sit in the nose bleeds and the performer does not even know you exist. I miss the good old days. Most bands these days have albums that are filled with someone else’s emotions (they don’t write there own songs). They also have tons of filler surrounding that hit single which features no instruments just computers and stuff. Or someone else’s chorus or melody that they stole because they can’t come up with there own. They figured if it worked for so and so 15 years ago it can work for me. Or they will use studio musicians and have guest spots from 10 different people. I am waiting for the 5 Guitars remix featuring Jay Z. Yo Yo Yo listen I got my boys Yarn up in the studio and we about to lay down the remix of the year. lol 5 5 5 5 scratching 5 5 5 5 Guitars. lol Maybe I am just an old soul living in the wrong generation but I just don’t get most of today’s hit music or what I like to call processed cheese. There is nothing like camping out for shows. Having a tailgate party in the parking lot while you listen to your favorite show or strum some tunes. Or guessing what the set list will be or that moment when someone in the band hits that note that just caused the sky to rip open and make it rain. And the late night drive home with your friends after a sick show. You stop at the 254hr rest stop for food and share memories that will last a lifetime. Remember during the middle of X song when? Or the solo during X song? Or the funny stage banter? Or getting to meet the band and having a shot with them after the show? When the band gets in the zone and the crowed is really into it as well it makes for an unbelievable night. I have a memory board which I put all my ticket stubs on. Every so often I add a new stub or look at it and it brings back those memories.
    • CommentAuthorMK
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2009
    I don't know who Chrissy is, but my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.
    Thanks MK. Chrissy is my wife and goes by tangled up in yarn here at 5G. We laid her grandfather to rest last Saturday. Thanks for your thoughts.
    • CommentAuthorMK
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2009
    Much love and peace to you and yours!