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    Well just two days away now. I was toying with lake Placid tomorrow but it's just gonna be too much this wwek. Man those Yarn guys are on the road a lot!

    I'll def bring audio gear and I'll see how things look for video. I recently lost one of my vid camera batteries so I need to access ac to shoot a whole show. I'll just have to see how it goes but again, I'll run a dat and microphones in any event.

    Anyone else gonna be able to make this one? I'm thinkin' it's a long shot but who knows.

    Have a safe trip North guys and I'll see y'all on Wednesday~
    Off to the show....setlist and recording info to follow........
    Woo hoo.. thanks Reckless!

    How did you go?
    "How did you go?"

    Ha Ha I'm assuming you mean how did "it" go but rather cryptic you are indeed ant. After looking forward to this show for weeks and securing coverage for an ailing relative, a child and couple of dogs, tangled and I set out at 2:00pm with a 2 hour drive for a 7:30 show. Perfect. Packed for overnight including audio and video gear, we were just stopping at the Clifton Park rest area when suddenly, the engine in my aging Volvo began to commence with major engine failure. As we pulled over, some little gnome with a hammer was inside one of our cylinders rapping away....broken connecting rod, broken timing belt, whatever it is, clearly this car's not taking us to Lake George, we're 75 miles from home and we're not going to get to see Yarn tonight. After an interminable amount of time and hassle with our roadside assistance plan, we have an offer to tow it home for at least a few hundred. Called my good buddy Jack and he suggested taking it to a more local dealership near where we were and that made more sense. Also, since there were no rental cars available in the area, he offered to come rescue us. Hard to find a better friend I'll tell you.

    Well we're sitting at the Volvo place in Latham, NY 50 minutes from the show and tangled and i got to talking.....hmmmmm.....now this is way kind of Jack to come get us so we don't want to be pushy but hey, wonder if he might want to see Yarn tonight! Jack went to the Canal Street show last month and he's gettin' the Yarn thing so with an hour left to make it 50 minutes North, Jack was on board and we sledded North in his beautiful '09 Volvo. Pulled into town with but minutes left and flew down to the ampitheatre to set up gear. The band was set up but I had just a few minutes to get rolling. Video for now was out although the setting couldn't have been more perfect, a natural ampitheatre with the lake in the bacground behind the band. It was sprinkling rain and catching a quality audio recording instead was tops on the list. I set up Jack's shotguns and preamp to DAT deck and just got the tape rolling and levels set when 6 seconds later, Yarn was introduced and they started playing.

    All 7 members were present with Trevor and Blake switching their usual places, a nice large crowd had assembled and Yarn put us through all the usual brilliance. Jack has an aux input in his car and we listened to the recording on the ride home...wow, it's by far the best sounding aud rec of Yarn that I've heard. Just awesome. Then, I pulled out my vid camera under clear skies for the shorter second set and I shot a short but sweet 45 minute set. Clear sight lines and bright lighting, this one's really fine. Since the recording's so good, this short one might be the first one I synch with superior audio. I'll let y'all know when we have it all mastered.

    I don't have a solid setlist for set one but among the songs played was a new new song with just a working title called This Whole Zoo I believe it was but anyway, it's just stunningly beautiful. First listen at the show and the second in the car and wow, it's a keeper for sure and Blake said it's intended for the new album. He also said that they're heading into the studio next week! Other songs from set one that I remember are:

    Down On Your luck
    5 Guitars
    Don't Break My Heart Again
    This Whole Zoo
    Woman On The Interstate
    No Future Together
    ...others I'm forgetting..

    Second set confirmed by the video:

    NYC Found
    Alone On The Weekend
    Christopher Street
    These bars Don't Look Too Friendly Tonight
    25 Years
    I Gotta Go
    Cat & Mouse

    These bars is becoming a quick favorite. The 5 Guitars first set just soared.

    So some rise, some fall and some climb to get to terrapin but we got there. I was on the side of the road, out the value of my car but God Dammit, what pissed me off was that I'm gonna miss YARN!!!!! An adventure all around but we had a terrific night with the band, I have some more fine recordings to share with all you great folks here and it looks like tangled and me are just going to have to reschedule our Yarn getaway for Nectars in Burlington in a few weeks!

    BTW, the dealership called ....engine's in need of replacement meaning that that old car is in need of replacement~

    I'll have empty pockets, by the end of Lake George but it's alright ;)
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Oy vay...so much for the Volvo. ;)

    Glad you got to see the show, though...AND they played 5 Guitars!

    I told little miss Lovelight to go see Yarn again at Nectar's.....I TOLD her that it was an ORDER...and hopefully she's a good listener. I'll tell her to keep an eye out for you, RC.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Great review Reckless. It made me feel like I was there with you. sorry about the car man. You are the king of Yarn audio/video.
    Ha ha, thanks Eric. Wait till you hear this stuff~

    Lovelight, won't that be just about time for a visit from Mom? You should ride up with us!
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2009
    anytime. If it is anything like the last show you gave me I know it will be top notch. Only the best from you. You have a gift. While I wait the LG show and the CR show I think I will listenin to the Nector shows on the beach today. I can't get enough.
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2009
    RC...Mom's not coming up to Burlington. I have found that it's kind of uncomfortable for me to watch my little "legal" girl drink and talk to guys....she had a nice chat with a lovely 32 year old who seemed to like her very much. NO...I'm going to pass on that. I'll catch Yarn when I'm solo and alot more relaxed. ;)
    Well thanks, wait till you hear this one! I mean really, this thing sounds like a board. I played the video and synched up the CD player to play along with it and wow, when I can get these two pieces of media together, it's really gonna blow you all away.

    Three songs that I played about 20 times yesterday:

    5 Guitars - This one started out quiet and then layered and layered until it just arrived it that perfect place...just a stunning version of one of my top songs.

    These Bars Don't Look Too Friendly - This one has grown on me steadilly since I first heard it last month. The lyrical imagery and instrumentation are just splendid and I love the chorus....settling in for a pint~

    This Whole Zoo - ...or whatever the actual title becomes is among the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Most of you haven't heard it yet but I can safely predict that it'll be one of your's too.
    Lol Lovelight.

    Shall I take notes or would you rather be spared the details? ;)
    Thanks for the great review / story Reckless! As Eric said, felt like I was there with you...

    Bummer about the Volvo, great that you made it!

    Keen as mustard to hear the new recording / tunes and see some new vid.

    Thanks for the efforts!
    Those Volvos-they go forever and then they just stop. What a story Reckless--yay for you and Tangled, and triple yay for Jack--he's the best.

    Sounds like you got another great show.
    • CommentAuthorLovelight
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2009
    RC...I don't want to know a thing. Ignorance truly IS bliss.

    Enjoy, though. She's coming home for the week, but told me she needs to get back to Burlington to see Yarn!!!

    That's my girl. :)