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    Hey Blake,

    Remember that shout-out you gave to Chrissy and Kevin on my videotape last Thursday? ...and remember I told you that Chrissy's gramps was terminal and that's why she wasn't there?

    I got home that evening and tangled had had a tough day dealing with everything. She was just about crashed but we chatted and she asked about the show and said, did they miss me? So I rewound the tape just a tad and showed her the last half of Cat & Mouse. Then I let it roll through the end and you gave her a shout and wished she was there with us and even mentioned her login name.

    It was about the only smile she had all day and as was expected, Poppy passed away this past Saturday. So many many thanks for that simple gesture. It really cheered her if only for a few moments....sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

    Thanks man~