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    yesterday i heard a
    'tap tap tappin' and a scratch scratch scratchin' in my house SOMEWHERE??
    it was difficult to figure out where it was coming from and then of course, it would stop
    it was driving me mad in an edgar allen poe fashion, i was imagining everything & anything.

    i was finally able to follow the noise to what seemed like the bottom of the chimney ?
    i opened the little elfin trap door at the bottom and black soot came pouring out,
    whilst i'm thinking whatever's makin' that tap tap tappin' is likely on the top top top of this pile of coal !
    so i shut the door quick.
    thinking hard about batman, curiousity & compassion for 'whatever' made me brave and i reluctantly opened it again,
    more soot and what oddly looked like a dirty orange webbed foot. huh. . . not a bat.

    i shut the door again and called my neighbor friend (((ted))) he was here in 2 mins,
    it took both of us but we wedged mrs merganzer out of her 'sitch. ted held her wings to her body
    and we took her outside. he let go, she shook off like a dog after a swim in smoke, and flew off towards the pond.

    this is where the term 'lucky duck' comes from ;)
    I must say, this post is nearly the epitome of off-topic ;)

    You just can't have too many lucky duck stories I always say.
    thank you, i think
    i'm quite literal sometimes . . .

    i suspect a song will be written based on this true story