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    Our guys are at the Green Parrot in Key West on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th. This is your regular reminder that this shows can be lived streamed here: https://www.greenparrot.com/key-west-webcams/ I believe that goes to the barcam, so you should scroll to the stage cam. I believe these will again be three set days, with sets at 5:30, 9 and 11.

    We've had a number of discussions about capturing the audio and the best program to do this with. I believe that I have no found a freeware program that works very well for that purpose. This program is Audacity and is easily downloadable freeware. You go into the program and choose Windows Wasapi as the audio source. There is a brief tutorial here: https://www.howtogeek.com/217348/how-to-record-the-sound-coming-from-your-pc-even-without-stereo-mix/

    I did find the last round that the audio I through the webcam was plenty fun to listen too, but actually very poor quality for recording, so I do not think I am going to record this time. I hope to stream the Tuesday show, but we are going out for a show on Wednesday, so I will miss that night.
    Thanks for the heads up. Man Key West sound good right about now.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Fun times.
    Southerman, you are becoming a taper :)
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    Here’s what I managed to get from yesterday’s shows. I can’t think of many bands are open play a show without a set list and not repeat the same song. We got a few deep cuts and hidden gems and even a 1st time cover. Feel free to correct me but I don’t remember them ever playing Ikko Ikko before.

    GP 9-10:30 2/13

    Empty Pockets
    Girl on the Side
    Bring Me Down
    Down On Your Luck
    Life Is weird
    One Mans Trash
    Christopher Street
    My Sweet Dolly
    Cat & Mouse
    The Loner
    I Gotta Go


    Time Burns On
    This is the Year
    Take Me Out
    Better Way
    25 Years
    I Wanted To Get High
    Lichenboch Texas
    Did Hank Really Do It This Way?
    These Words Alone
    Alone On The Weekend
    NYC Found
    Ikko Ikko
    Thanks for the setlist.

    Pockets you missed the part where i said I wasn't taping the shows...
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    Here is my best effort at a list on 2/14/18, Valentines Day. Once I get caught up in the moment I just forget to write them down.

    5:30 Set

    5 Guitars
    Listen Up Sweetheart
    Dear Mama...
    These Bars...
    Can't Slow Down
    Ain't That A Sin
    Hard Times
    Dirt Road
    No Future...
    Strikes & Gutters
    Two wild Hearts
    Turn The Light Off
    I Let You Down

    9:00 Set

    Road Less Traveled
    Heaven In You
    Long Way...
    Simple Life I Ride
    Tired Of Everything
    Fussin' &...
    Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    Final Bow
    Bad Bad Man
    In The Moonlight

    11:00 Set

    Lies I've Told
    Easy Road
    ??? (Have no idea what I wrote)
    Now You're Gone
    On The Road
    The Weight (Band)
    Bobby Weeks
    Carolina Heart
    Let Me In
    Sympathy For The Devil
    Sioux City Gypsy
    All Night Long

    The Green Parrot gig is ALWAYS a good one. Yarn heaven.
    PS: I love these guys
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    Thanks for posting that. One day I will make it to the Green Parrot.