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    • CommentAuthorBob
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2018
    I will try to be brief here, but I just don't know if that is possible. The Willow Tree, Johnson City, TN, celebrated it's 4th anniversary and there was a most wonderful celebration that took place. This was a 2 day event with Yarn & Dangermuffin sharing the bill. There is so much to say, and perhaps not enough words to genuinely express what went down this past weekend. There was one word (I think) that was used more than any other, and that was magical. So let's go with that. There are a number of musical events that hold a very special place in my life, this was certainly one of the top memories I will cherish.
    Saturday night, the room was filled with fans of both bands. You could feel the energy, love and respect all at once. It doesn't happen often but you knew it was going to be a special night, and it was. Dangermuffin hit the stage and did a very impressive full set.I had never seen them before, I have heard about the "Muffins" for a number of years through various sources and I have always known Yarn has had a very good relationship with them. It was very cool not knowing what to expect. They did not disappoint. Then it was Yarn's turn. Hot Rod, hitting the stage with a brand new guitar (making it's first road trip) and the rest of the gang. As usual, it was freaking awesome, a five star show for sure (five stars don't come easy in my book). I am hoping our friend Tennessee will get the set lists for both shows up here sometime soon. Full set from Yarn and then a very long collaboration with Dangermuffin, ending with 5 or 6 Neil Young tunes. Magical.
    Sunday afternoon was a 2pm all acoustic show. Dangermuffin hit first and played a stunning set. Not being familiar with there music made the set even more impressive. They certainly set the bar pretty high for the Yarn boys. Well, did I ever tell you about the time Yarn played a 90 minute all acoustic show and absolutely blew me away? Unforgettable, just freaking amazing and magical. Bobby playing the drums bare handed will always be remembered. After the show he said his hands were twice the size. So after that awesomeness another (all acoustic) collaboration with DM. There really are not enough superlatives to describe what went down. We are so lucky and feel so blessed as we love being a part of this family. Once again this weekend showed us why.Look forward to comments by, Brouche and Tennessee (I wonder what they will have to say...duh!)
    FYI, if all goes according to plan the same bill will happen for the 5th anniversary of The Willow Tree. If you have never been to The Willow Tree please consider it. Hopefully you will see Yarn there but if not Teri provides top notch entertainment in that room on a regular basis. It is people like her and a venue like The Willow Tree that deserve the support of like minded people (ourselves) in order to keep the project going. She and her daughter Zoe are "aces" all the way and are a big part of this family, for sure. Thank you for everything Teri & Zoe.
    Thank you Dangermuffin. Thank you Blake, Bobby, Ricky, Rod, you bring so much to so many. We love you.
    • CommentAuthorearlbny
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2018
    Thanks for the review. I love both of those bands a whole lot. That venue is on my bucket list.
    I would love to go to the Willow Tree and thought this might be the time, but it didn't work out. It isn't that far from me and I am sure we will make it soon. I did briefly meet Teri at a Yarn show and she was very nice.

    Love Dangermuffin and the two are great when they are together. Haven't seen them all that much but am trying to remedy that.

    Thanks to Bob and June for streaming some of the songs on the Book of Faces. Not quite like being there but enjoyable nonetheless.